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What is Fondant? TOP
Fondant is a moldable sugar dough that is commonly used on cakes to give them a smooth finish or can be molded and cut into items such as animals or cupcake toppers.

 Fondant has really taken over the cake world in the last 10 years and gives cake artists the ability to really bring cakes to life! 
All of my cupcake toppers and 3D items are made with either yummy Vanilla or decadent chocolate fondant. 

How soon will I get my order once its placed? TOP
Orders must be placed no less than 3 weeks in advanced and I will have your order made and shipped 1 week before the deadline you give me so its fresh but still arrives in plenty of time before your event! 

Can I order something if I need it in less than 3 weeks? TOP
Please contact me before ordering if you need something sooner than 3 weeks.

Depending on availability and how fast you need it will determine whether or not I will be able to take on the order. 

How far in advance can I place my order? TOP
You can never order anything too early! in fact....the earlier you order the better! no matter how early you order, I will still plan on making and shipping your order 1 week before your event so you have it in plenty of time!

How long will fondant last? TOP
Fondant has a great shelf life and as long as its stored properly (room temp, away from sunlight and any moisture), So if you have extra topper from your order or the date of your event was moved back, your fondant will last up to a year from the time you receive it. 

How do you keep your fondant from getting smashed during shipping? TOP
Once an order is made, I will let that order dry for 2-3 days before shipping so its able to be moved and handled safely without smashing. Letting the fondant dry allows me to ship my detailed items to you, and for you to be able to handle them when you use them on your baked goods. The fondant still is 100% edible and yummy and will never get too hard to eat! 

How do you ship your items so they wont break? TOP
I spent MONTHS mastering the perfect packaging for both cupcake toppers and 3D items and have invested in only the best packing supplies to keep your items safe!

 Though I can not guarantee there will not be damage (unfortunately what happens once its in the hands of the USPS is out of my control) I can tell you that I pride myself on out of nearly 1,000 orders to date....there has been maybe 2% of reports of any damage, and the "Damage" is usually something as simple as a leg coming off of an animal (not breaking) Which is a very easy fix of gluing back on with a little water. Please contact me if you ever have any questions on repairs. 

I have a nut allergy, is it safe for me to eat your fondant? TOP
My fondant is:

  • Nut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Fat Free
All items are made and store AWAY from any nuts, gluten and dairy, however; items are NOT made in a nut, gluten, dairy free kitchen. Please contact me if you have any specific allergy needs that you may have questions on. Items are not recommended for people with sciliac disease or any extreme food allergies. 

Can I order custom items from you? TOP
Absolutely! Half of my business is creating custom orders for people weather its specific colors, specific items or a whole array of different things! If you don't see what you want on my store or have a specific color scheme/ design you want me to match just contact me at and we can start planning your order! I always love a new challenge and fresh ideas!

I Loved my order from you want wanted to share pictures of how I used them on my cake and cupcakes, how can I do this? TOP
I LOVE showing off my customers fabulous creations! If you have pictures of how you used your Edible Details order and want to share them with me and my fans, please email them to and I would be happy to share them with my fans and followers! 

How do I use your toppers and 3D creations? TOP
Using my fondant cupcake toppers and 3D decorations is as easy as pie! Simply place your toppers on your cupcakes or cake while the icing is sticky, This is best done the day of your event so it doesn't spend the night in your fridge where moisture can get to it and cause the fondant to soften. 

If you get a "crust" on your icing before you get your toppers on and your icing is no longer sticky, simply add just a small dab of fresh icing to your topper and use that to stick the topper on. 

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